Holidays with baby: don’t forget anything

Holidays with baby: don’t forget anything

You haven’t finished thinking about luggage! Their content depends of course on your drop-off point in a rental, with grandparents, friends or a house that contains all the baby equipment, the foot and your means of transport to get there. But, whatever the case baby journey, you will be condemned to make trade-offs. Here we have listed everything you will need for traveling with baby. Start from this base and eliminate everything that seems superfluous or unthinkable to you.

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What identity documents for babies?

Small useful reminder: if you go abroad or if you take the plane, the identity papers of your children will be requested. Know this, the photo shoot of an infant, who does not yet know how to hold his head, is often a highlight; you will remember him fondly when looking at his photo, in a few years! Allow at least 3 weeks for an identity card or passport to be drawn up, so plan ahead!

Car, train or plane

If you have no choice, that’s always one less to decide, go to the next box and tell yourself that it will be fine, anyway! If you hesitate between the train, the plane or the car, it is debatable! A good selection criterion: the number of kilometers to travel to get to your destination.

Traveling by car with baby

For a journey of less than 500 km, the car may be the most comfortable means of transportation for your baby who can fall asleep without being disturbed by other passengers. Plan to stop every 2 hours to offer him a drink, and avoid traveling during the hottest hours of the day in summer. For ideas to keep baby busy on a long drive.

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Traveling by train with baby

Between 500 and 1000 km, the train has many advantages. By TGV, you will save a lot of time. Reserve a toddler seat for children under 4. The cost is minimal and the advantages numerous: you can put down the seat of your child and allow him to fall asleep in an environment that he knows. Do not forget to bring a bottle of water, milk and small jars in his luggage if he has already started diversification, as well as spare diapers. Between 500 and 1000 km, the train has many advantages.

Traveling by plane with baby

For long journeys of more than 1000 km, the plane is obviously the most practical means of transport. The airline formalities for air travel do not provide for a minimum age required to bring infants on board, except that you will be asked for their identity document (you must therefore allow time to do so). carry an identity card or passport is about a month!) In general, on planes, babies do not have an assigned seat during the flight and travel on their parents’ lap. Even in a small bed hung on the partition and made available to them, on long haul.

If your child has had ear infections in the past, it may be best to take them to the doctor shortly before the flight to make sure they don’t have inflamed eardrums and therefore a trip to altitude is not contraindicated.